Day 97: {Featured} “Boston Qualified” Digital Download for you Home and Office

Starting to wrap up all my projects! I finished all my envelope orders today and got them sent off. Only 2 days until I leave for vacation!  Having fun with a few more running inspired prints for the Etsy shop, today is one to celebrate qualifying for Boston. This past weekend was the Dallas Marathon as well as my favorite race, the BCS Marathon. It was awesome to follow and track friends that were running! I have a friend that qualified for Boston after 3 years of trying, I’m so happy for him!

The first time I qualified it wasn’t by enough to get me into the actual race. The following year though I qualified by 10 minutes, a huge buffer! It was years and years and years of work to get to that point and one of the things I’m the most proud of in my whole life. I had a great race, it was one of those days that no matter what went wrong, I stayed positive and happy and believed. It was freaking awesome.

Crossing the finish line of the BCS Marathon 2014 with my pacer, Stude!

Hope you guys had a great day, thanks so much for checking in! My 100th day is Friday!!


Boston Qualified Etsy Printable

Boston Qualified Digital Download wall art printable marathons


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