Day 95: {Featured} “Do What You Love” Digital Download Art Print

Hey guys! Hope you’re having a great day!!

I got up early and got all my envelopes done! I still have one more order to go before vacation but I’m waiting on the address list from the client. Hopefully I’ll have them done tomorrow! It’s been really fun working on them all weekend.

These are red ink with a watercolor brush.
I used Walnut Ink and a Brause EF66 nib for these. I love walnut ink!!

My hubby and I went to a local trail and enjoyed some time in the dirt today! I hiked, fast, and it was exhausting. I swear running is so much easier. Every time I want to whine about walking/hiking I remind myself that my 100 mile career is just beginning. I need to become a faster hiker. During the last 13 miles of Leadville 100 it took SO much effort to run. All my will, every single thing I had. But it was the only way I was going to make the time cut off. I couldn’t just hike. My hike was SO slow, there’s no way I would have made it. (My drill sergeant pacer is why I made that time goal!!! She’s the best.)

Anytime I get on the trail, no matter what I’m doing, I’m happy to be out there. It was a great afternoon!

Looks like these Leadville shoes are toast! Also, that ankle is not swollen, it’s fine. 🙂

Featured Digital Printable: Do What You Love

I was feeling inspired after working on envelopes, I made this print using my Tombow brush pen. I’ve got the print in the shop ready for you to print out. The resolution is high enough that you can print on a 20×30″ canvas and it will look great. For smaller prints, it will be even better! I’ve had 2 people send me a picture of their prints in frames, I love that! If you’ve bought a print off Etsy, I’d love to see what you do with it!!

Looking Ahead

Short week for me but I’ve got a list a mile long of things to get done before we leave for Belize! Most important, my travel immunizations. My MIL will kill me if we don’t do that. Gotta go tomorrow, don’t let me put it off any longer! Yikes!

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow!! 5 more days!!






Day 94: All the Envelopes!!

I spent a good 15 minutes this morning (around 4:15 am) trying to figure out how I lost a day. On my blog roll, I have my 100th day being this upcoming Thursday. But if today is 94, then my 100th day is Friday. Being that I have a long run that day plus leave for Belize at noon, I’d really prefer my 100th day to be on Thursday. So, in all this planning, where the heck did I lose a day?!

I found it. Day 85 I wrote a blog post. I scheduled the picture and snippet to Buffer.


It’s just sitting there in my drafts. It was this one, one of my favorites:

runner ultras marathon gift print wall decor calligraphy

Good news is I didn’t say much of anything in the actual blog post (a common theme of the last few weeks, I’m sure.)  But glad to have the mystery solved!!

Today was the best day, even though I’m freaking exhausted. When I get to spend time with this group of women, I’m just so filled with joy and gratefulness. Day to day life for everyone is busy and stressful and they are pulled in a million directions. But when you get to sit on a comfy couch, surrounded by each other, with little dogs running around and a Christmas tree in the corner, it’s just awesome. And I’m super thankful. Thankful for MK hosting us, she is the reason this has become a tradition! The older I get the more thankful I am for female friendships. My girlfriends are the glue that hold me together.

Scarf exchange! Don’t you love the one I got?! I LOVE IT!!!

I was up so early this morning because the scarf exchange was a brunch that started at 10:00 in The Colony. But I needed to run 20 miles in Fort Worth first!

Another Christmas tree!!

It was so fun to run Fort Worth. You can cover a lot of ground in 20 miles so we got the full tour. Running downtown is pretty crazy! Jumping up and down curbs, dodging light poles, cars, huge potted plants, steps, you name it, it’s in the way! Our last 3 miles were fast and it’s just ridiculous to try and keep up that pace when you’re trying to make sure you don’t get hit by a car every block. It was hilarious. We just gave up and ran the same block over and over until our watches beeped 20! Afterwards we did our strength and flexibility exercises near the stage on Sundance Square. It was so fun because Christmas music was playing and even though it was freezing, so many people were walking around enjoying the season! I love that.

I really wanted and needed to nap after the scarf party but I knew I’d feel better if I could knock out some more envelopes. I’m so glad I did because I made a huge dent in my orders and I loved every second of it. Listened to the Jane Eyre soundtrack and zoned out. The 2 orders I worked on today have such different styles, it was super fun.

I did these with the Zero Round Watercolor Brush and red McCaffery’s ink. The greatest invention ever, the lightpad, kept my lines straight and helped with centering. Love white envelopes! 🙂

Hope you had a great day, see you tomorrow!



Day 93 {Wedding} Custom map of Fort Worth attractions & wedding venue

Friday!! Woohoo!! I’ve had an awesome day full of all sorts of activities. Trail run, breakfast out with friends, envelope addressing, hair cut, errands, blogging. It’s 7:30 and I’m just starting to feel like I’m in for the night. Not that I’ll bring a blow dryer and do my hair in Belize but it is fun to get a “trip” hair-do!

I set my timer for an hour today and wanted to see how many envelopes I got done in that time. I was doing my “Lauren” style calligraphy which is a casual brush script. I used red ink and a size zero watercolor brush. I thought I’d get about 10 done, but the final was 14! I was happy with that, I’ve gotten a lot faster. It helps a ton that the envelopes were white so I could use my light box to help with straight lines and centering.

Wedding Map

This was the first custom wedding map I ever made! What do you think? I have to admit, I traced the longhorn and Sundance guy. Listen, I’m a calligrapher, not an artist. Not that kind of an artist anyway! I did everything else free hand (clearly, as it’s a little wonky) but overall I was happy with how it turned out. I like the fun colors and the river and the purple TCU football! It was really, really fun to work on. Here’s a closer look at it:


Have a great weekend!! Are you busy with holiday parties and shopping? I’ve got a long run in Fort Worth tomorrow and then a scarf exchange brunch party! Can’t wait!





Day 92: {Wedding} Welcome to our Reception, wood painted sign

I didn’t have the wood to make bride and groom chair signs, but I did have a huge piece of wood to do this! So much fun! I have one more piece from this wedding to show you tomorrow and then I’ll be back with some printables! And then that’s it for a couple weeks! Vacation, woohoo!!

Last spring I did a Welcome to our Reception sign on a big mirror.  I tried quite a few different brands of markers and ended up settling on Molotow. I was really happy with how it turned out but unfortunately don’t have a great picture of it!


For the wood sign today I wanted to use the same blue that I did on the invitations. That meant that I would need to use paint and a brush, not a marker. It’s significantly more time consuming for me than markers but it definitely makes a difference being able to carry the colors over from the invitation!


Had such a great time with these girls last night in Grapevine. It was so fun to walk Main Street and peak in the shops. There were so many people out enjoying the lights. They even had fake snow blowing around everywhere! It was pretty chilly, but no where close to as chilly as it is tonight!! We finally turned on our heater, it was 62 in the house. I didn’t even notice but my husband came home and was like, it’s freaking freezing in here!

I did a little shopping after work today and there were so many people Christmas shopping! (I was shopping for me. Haha!) Have your been busy buying Christmas gifts? We are celebrating Christmas with my family New Year’s weekend so I haven’t even started!

Thanks so much for reading, see you tomorrow!


welcome to our reception wood sign wedding calligraphy

Day 91: Bride & Groom Wedding Reception Signs

Happy Wednesday!! Ahhhhh, the countdown is seriously on for me re: workdays until Belize!!! I’m off this Friday, hoping to get all the “last minute” (everything I should have done months ago) things done so that I can finish all my non-work calligraphy projects over the weekend. I’ve got personal envelopes to address, emails to send, documents to work up. Plus, new prints to get in the Etsy shop before I leave.

Etsy Shop

Last night I started updating the Etsy shop with printable high resolution jpeg files in addition to PDF files. If you order something before I’ve got the new jpeg in there, don’t worry, I’ll email it to you! That way you can print something out on a canvas and it will look great up to 20×30″ print size.  I’m almost done updating all the listings, just have a few more to go.

I reaallllly want to write this Better Together out on wood boards and paint the flowers but I just didn’t have time to do it! I’ve seen prints like this hung on the backs of chairs but I think the wood will look a little better. Now at least, I’ll have my sketch all ready for when I get some! Maybe Erin will make some wood boards for me! 🙂

Still sticking with the round watercolor brush this week for my lettering and the beautiful color combo from Heather and William’s wedding invitations.

wedding invitation outdoors flowers calligraphy blue red woods

That’s it for me tonight, girls night out!! Have a great evening and I’ll see you tomorrow! Thanks for checking in! 9 days to go!


bride and groom signs wooden signs wedding invitation outdoor wedding woods

Day 90: {Wedding} Heather & William’s Winter Wedding

Pinterest is awesome for color inspiration. I stumbled across this palette and my mind started spinning with ideas. Typically, I am not drawn towards the color red, at all. I think it’s beautiful but it is never a color that speaks to me. If I ever wore a red dress or red lipstick I would feel so out of my element and uncomfortable. I’d probably be strutting pretty seriously but inside I’d be REALLY uncomfortable. 🙂


I just love this though! The different blues and neutrals combined with the fierceness of that red. Beautiful!

The last few wedding suites I worked on had a significant amount of calligraphy in them. This time, just the main titles are done with brush calligraphy and the rest of the lettering is a font. A nice clean look, but with a little more flair than I typically do. What do you think?

I hope your week is off to a great start and you’re keeping your spirits up in this dreary weather! I was in quite a mood today, I think I need a little sunshine! I had a dream last night that I went to a running store to buy Christmas gifts for my husband (um, he’s not a runner) and my total was $800! I was like, WTH?! And then I woke up. Like, bolted upright wide awake in a panic. Turns out it was exactly one minute before my 4:45 alarm. Ridiculous. I could have used a do-over! Thankful for my hubby, friends and coach, they all kept my spirits up and the day is ending much better than it started!

See you tomorrow, thanks for reading!!


wedding invitation outdoors flowers calligraphy blue red woods