Day 100 of the 100 Day Challenge: {Printable} “Find Your Tribe, Love Them Hard.” 

Day 100.

100 days of creating, practicing, writing, blogging, marketing, learning, making, reading, searching.

What a journey this has been. I’m starting to find my voice, I’m starting to be proud of my work, I’m starting to be comfortable letting the world get to know me.

I have changed so much as a writer, blogger, and most importantly a calligrapher. I tried so many new projects and commissions. I said YES to everything that stretched me as a person and artist and NO to everything that didn’t support me physical, emotionally, and financially.

It’s been awesome. I will absolutely continue blogging and showing my work on a regular schedule. Not exactly sure what that schedule is, will have lots of time for reflection these next 2 weeks. Or, as life tends to go, I will MAKE time for reflection these next 2 weeks.

Most importantly, I want to take a moment to thank YOU.

Thank you

  • Thank you for following me on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Thank you for liking my posts and sharing my giveaways.
  • Thank you for telling your friends about my business!
  • Thank you for reading this blog and commenting on my work.
  • Thank you for supporting this journey!

I truly, truly could not have done it without you. I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart.

You are my Tribe.

Thank you. ❤️


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Day 99 {Printable} You Will Always Be the Sister of my Soul the Friend of my Heart

Day 99, almost there!

Busy, busy day getting all those final preparations done to go out of town! My shoulders are sore from the vaccinations yesterday, I’m so glad I finally got that done. Was definitely no big deal!

You will always be the sister of my soul the friend of my heart

How much do you love this saying? Gosh, I saw it and had to letter it. One of the envelope orders I did this past weekend used a combination of script lettering and block lettering. I used this style block lettering and haven’t stopped! On the envelopes I spaced everything out pretty far but I mixed and matched the spacing on the print. It’s rare that I write out a quote and have it laid out exactly how I want it, it usually takes me about 10 edits of rearranging. This one though, I wrote it exactly like this and stuck with it! It’s up in the Etsy shop if you’re looking for a gift for a friend!

That’s it for today, gotta keep my productivity streak going. If I sit here too long I’ll get sucked into the vortex that is the internet! 😉

Happy Thursday!





Day 84 {Printable} Santa’s Coming! I know him! Digital download.

Don’t lie. “ELF” is your favorite movie. I know it is. It’s ok, it’s mine too. If you are such a Scrooge that you don’t like Elf, than frankly…


I’m just sitting here at my desk thinking of all the famous one-liners and laughing so hard. By myself, at the voices in my head! That’s how I feel about Elf. Man, it’s greatness.

I don’t have a fireplace but if I did I would print this one out and frame it and keep it on the fireplace. You only want a fireplace a few times a year in Texas, but it would be worth it just for that! Along with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk, of course. Mmmmmm, cookies.

I just had a pre-dinner snack and I’m still drooling over the possibility of cookies.

While we’re on the subject of favorite movies, let’s chat favorite TV shows.

Gilmore Girls

I was/am/always will be a huge fan of Gilmore Girls. I know, Alexis Bledel is seriously the worst actress ever in the history of the world ever, but I don’t even care. Lauren Graham is awesome and Luke (does he have a real name?) is awesome and I love it. I watched the whole series when it was on TV back in the day and I have re-watched the entire series on Netflix.

Needless to say, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Netflix shows! I’ve only watched the first one and let’s be honest, it’s seriously lacking and super-uber cheesy, but again, I DON’T EVEN CARE. I’m so shallow. I’m going to watch it again before I watch the second episode because I just want to be with them again. In the town. In their lives! and LOGAN. omg LOGAN. It’s like I live in Stars Hollow and I took dance with Ms Patty and I eat pancakes at Luke’s and laugh at Paul Anka’s.

I don’t watch any network TV shows and I haven’t in years. I don’t know when I stopped….oh wait, the last series I was into was Downton Abbey. Gah, I am so cliche. I freaking love Downton Abbey.

I love characters, good characters, and I love their lives. It’s why I am such a big reader! I was only grounded once in my life and it was from reading. Because I would keep a book under my desk and read during class. Shame on me. Math = BORING. Trixie Belden = AWESOME.

I’m rambling. Tell me! Are you a Gilmore Girls fan? Have you watched the new shows?? Don’t spoil anything, remember I’ve only watched the first episode! Gotta savor it! 🙂

Have a great night!


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Day 83 {Printable} Half Marathoner, Instant Download Print

Ahhh, back to realty! Laying in bed last night I said to my husband, “Man, I wish we were outside.” The weather was great when we were camping, cold but not so cold that you needed to wear a beanie to bed and hide your face inside your sleeping bag. Cold enough though that when you left the campfire you were like, “Yikes, it’s freezing!” I’m so glad we got to do that again this year, it’s a great way to split up the fall semester.

Today, I was writing out all the posts I’m going to do on the final countdown to Day 100. Day 100! As long as I don’t fold and miss a day, Day 100 will be Thursday, December 15th, the day before I leave for Belize! Perfect timing. I’m really excited about all the things I have planned for these final days. Another full wedding suite, this time with all the trimmings. Signs, seating charts, even a map! I can’t wait to show you! I’ve also got a few projects in the works for my athlete buddies, they will all be printables in the Etsy shop.

marathoner marathons calligraphy hand lettered art print running runner gold foil

I couldn’t wait to share yesterdays Marathon print with you guys. I am so happy with how it turned out! I wasn’t totally satisfied with the half marathoner so I redid it. AND NOW I LOVE IT. I like it even better than the Marathoner! So fun!

Not too much going on this week (thank goodness), I should be able to ease back into work mode pretty easily. 2 more days off the ankle but tomorrow I can bike so looking forward to getting my sweat on! By this weekend I’ll be back with my long run. I was looking at my December calendar in regards to run training and seriously, it’s like the month is over before it even starts! December is crazy. Always!

Hope you’ve had a great day, thanks so much for reading! If you’ve been to Belize and have any fun stories let me know!


Check out the new print here!

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Day 82 {Featured} Holiday Printable, Merry Christmas! Plus, new prints & a SALE!

Oh my gosh, what a great day I’ve had!! I love a productive day. Still resting my ankle from a tweak this past weekend so I got to use those precious early morning hours to create instead of run. And create I did! Got 2 photo Christmas cards done and added 2 new prints to the shop!

New Etsy printables

half marathon art print wall decor runner running calligraphy elle marie

Celebrate your half marathon or marathon with a gold lettered print to hang near your medals! Both prints are only $5.48 and can be found in my Etsy shop!

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Featured Christmas Printable

My ankle is getting a ton better really quickly so I should be back on the road tomorrow! Can’t wait. I love running through Christmas lights, I hope you guys all got yours up this weekend!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can focus all our attention on Christmas! Woohoo!! I’m going on a trip (to Belize, squeeee!) on December 16th so doing my best to get the shop all stocked up before I go! Gotta make sure all the procrastinators (not you guys, obviously) can download a last minute gift!

merry christmas digital download home decor wall art hand lettered calligraphy

Speaking of shops….How about a Cyber Monday sale?!?

Let’s do it!

My hand lettered Be Fearless Mug is 40% off! First time I’ve EVER done a sale on it, pick yours up today! Enter code, BEFEARLESS at checkout! Makes a great gift for that friend that might need a little encouragement!


Have a great night, see you tomorrow! Only 18 days to go of the 100 day challenge!!



Day 74: {Custom Print} “Make it Count” this holiday season.

This won’t be a long, soap-box blog post! Just a friendly reminder to “make it count” this holiday season. Try to reflect on the moments, even the ones that are uncomfortable or unpleasant, as you move through the next 6 weeks.

This quote was a custom work I did for a friend that was inspired by this blog post. It reminded her to stop fighting the struggle, embrace it, celebrate and be thankful for the moments that make up the struggle. Make it Count.

I loved the saying so much, I have it framed on my wall. It’s such a great daily reminder.

I hope most of you have a short week next week and are able to enjoy time off with your family and friends! We’re in the home stretch now!

Thanks for reading!


make it count stars calligraphy hand lettering quote