Life after the 100 Day Challenge

I was reading someone’s blog this past week and she mentioned that she took 6 months off after doing a 100 day challenge. Her challenge was abstract painting and she didn’t paint for 6 months after that 100th day! It made me feel so much better because I really needed a break too! The 100 day challenge ended the day I left for Belize. When we got back, I just couldn’t restart the habit. It’s busy season for wedding calligraphy so I always had stuff to work on and I just couldn’t get back into the social media groove. I wasn’t posting on Instagram or Facebook and I definitely wasn’t blogging.


In February I did the really popular Instagram alphabet challenge, the Hand Lettered ABC’s. That really helped me get back to posting and checking my account and being a little more engaged on social media. But then letter X was the same weekend as my marathon and marathon week I couldn’t do much but watch The Crown and sit in the sauna. I had race brain BIG TIME. Just kept staring into space, not really focused on anything. Finally! This past week I finished up. Oh, about 20 days later. (don’t worry about that. 🙂

My favorites are Q, K, and Z. What’s your favorite?



I’m starting to get my mojo back big time so I thought I’d check in and see how everyone was doing! This baby shower invite is one of the most favorite things I’ve ever worked on. The Mom-To-Be painted her nursery inspired from this blog post and it’s the theme of the shower. I geek out on envelope liners and I ended up loving the liner even more than the invite! Look at that cute little bird!

I used all these different color envelopes for the baby shower invites. They looked great next to each other! Love brush lettering with white ink.

doryinvitesquareThe other big thing I’ve been working on is designing my OWN FONT!! I’m so excited, it’s in the final stages. I can’t wait to share it with you guys!! I was able to work on it a lot (and quickly) when it was in the Adobe Illustrator stage. Now that I’m in the Glyphs stage it’s a little more slow going because that’s a brand new application for me. 3 months ago Illustrator was making me insane but thanks to the Hand Lettered ABC’s challenge, I’m flying through that now like no big thing. Besides getting me back into the habit of posting regularly, I used the challenge to gain a better knowledge of Illustrator. It worked. Like a charm. Even though I wanted to throw my computer across the room on multiple occasions. (Gosh, that is not an intuitive program. Photoshop is, so that made learning Illustrator even more frustrating.)

I think that’s it for now!! I’ll be back soon with some more font updates! What have you guys been up too? Any habits you’ve fallen out of that you’re trying to restart?

Hope all is well!





Day 93 {Wedding} Custom map of Fort Worth attractions & wedding venue

Friday!! Woohoo!! I’ve had an awesome day full of all sorts of activities. Trail run, breakfast out with friends, envelope addressing, hair cut, errands, blogging. It’s 7:30 and I’m just starting to feel like I’m in for the night. Not that I’ll bring a blow dryer and do my hair in Belize but it is fun to get a “trip” hair-do!

I set my timer for an hour today and wanted to see how many envelopes I got done in that time. I was doing my “Lauren” style calligraphy which is a casual brush script. I used red ink and a size zero watercolor brush. I thought I’d get about 10 done, but the final was 14! I was happy with that, I’ve gotten a lot faster. It helps a ton that the envelopes were white so I could use my light box to help with straight lines and centering.

Wedding Map

This was the first custom wedding map I ever made! What do you think? I have to admit, I traced the longhorn and Sundance guy. Listen, I’m a calligrapher, not an artist. Not that kind of an artist anyway! I did everything else free hand (clearly, as it’s a little wonky) but overall I was happy with how it turned out. I like the fun colors and the river and the purple TCU football! It was really, really fun to work on. Here’s a closer look at it:


Have a great weekend!! Are you busy with holiday parties and shopping? I’ve got a long run in Fort Worth tomorrow and then a scarf exchange brunch party! Can’t wait!





Day 91: Bride & Groom Wedding Reception Signs

Happy Wednesday!! Ahhhhh, the countdown is seriously on for me re: workdays until Belize!!! I’m off this Friday, hoping to get all the “last minute” (everything I should have done months ago) things done so that I can finish all my non-work calligraphy projects over the weekend. I’ve got personal envelopes to address, emails to send, documents to work up. Plus, new prints to get in the Etsy shop before I leave.

Etsy Shop

Last night I started updating the Etsy shop with printable high resolution jpeg files in addition to PDF files. If you order something before I’ve got the new jpeg in there, don’t worry, I’ll email it to you! That way you can print something out on a canvas and it will look great up to 20×30″ print size.  I’m almost done updating all the listings, just have a few more to go.

I reaallllly want to write this Better Together out on wood boards and paint the flowers but I just didn’t have time to do it! I’ve seen prints like this hung on the backs of chairs but I think the wood will look a little better. Now at least, I’ll have my sketch all ready for when I get some! Maybe Erin will make some wood boards for me! 🙂

Still sticking with the round watercolor brush this week for my lettering and the beautiful color combo from Heather and William’s wedding invitations.

wedding invitation outdoors flowers calligraphy blue red woods

That’s it for me tonight, girls night out!! Have a great evening and I’ll see you tomorrow! Thanks for checking in! 9 days to go!


bride and groom signs wooden signs wedding invitation outdoor wedding woods

Day 90: {Wedding} Heather & William’s Winter Wedding

Pinterest is awesome for color inspiration. I stumbled across this palette and my mind started spinning with ideas. Typically, I am not drawn towards the color red, at all. I think it’s beautiful but it is never a color that speaks to me. If I ever wore a red dress or red lipstick I would feel so out of my element and uncomfortable. I’d probably be strutting pretty seriously but inside I’d be REALLY uncomfortable. 🙂


I just love this though! The different blues and neutrals combined with the fierceness of that red. Beautiful!

The last few wedding suites I worked on had a significant amount of calligraphy in them. This time, just the main titles are done with brush calligraphy and the rest of the lettering is a font. A nice clean look, but with a little more flair than I typically do. What do you think?

I hope your week is off to a great start and you’re keeping your spirits up in this dreary weather! I was in quite a mood today, I think I need a little sunshine! I had a dream last night that I went to a running store to buy Christmas gifts for my husband (um, he’s not a runner) and my total was $800! I was like, WTH?! And then I woke up. Like, bolted upright wide awake in a panic. Turns out it was exactly one minute before my 4:45 alarm. Ridiculous. I could have used a do-over! Thankful for my hubby, friends and coach, they all kept my spirits up and the day is ending much better than it started!

See you tomorrow, thanks for reading!!


wedding invitation outdoors flowers calligraphy blue red woods

Day 89: Holiday Party Invitation, Gold Lettering with Watercolor Wash

Happy Monday from one of the busiest weeks of the year:  band concerts almost every night, All-Region auditions, and GIRLS NIGHT! 🙂

Also, the retired members of our Belize party are blowing up our emails with talks of fish that we will see snorkeling. So awesome and I’m glad everyone is so excited. But before I’m snorkeling in the deep blue sea, we’re just barely staying afloat here on land!  I kept thinking, if I make it to the airport (1) on time (2) with a swimsuit and (3) my passport, the trip will be a great success. Considering I forgot underwear and a myriad of others things on our Thanksgiving camping trip, I’m really keeping my expectations for myself low. I’ll deal with apps that tell me the name of the fish when I get there.

Last year we decided where, when, and how to spend our Christmas vacation 2 days into our Christmas vacation. And it turned out awesome and we have the best stories!

Quick recap: we went to Ft Davis State Park and stayed at that awesome hotel that I’m forgetting the name of right this second. Then we went to Big Bend and did some of the best mountain biking I’ve ever done. Then we took a ferry (paddleboat) to Mexico and rode a burro and ate tamales. Then we went to Terlinqua and there was a huge storm and the power went out in the Starlight Theater. We drove the 30 minutes to our campsite where 40+mph winds tried to throw our tent across the border. It’s about 10:00 at night and the wind is blowing INSANE and it’s snowing and it’s pitch black and we stuff everything inside the car, drive to Alpine were we stayed stranded for 2 days while all the roads were iced over. Whew!

Finally get to our next destination, Phoenix, for a week of incredible mountain biking including exploring Sedona. I also got in some amazing running, the area we stayed in was so nice! My husband and I love road trips and this was one of the best we’ve ever taken. We explored so many places and things and everything was just by the seat of our pants. We have the most fun!


Holiday Party Invitation

I used black ink and my watercolor brush for the “Cheers.” Scanned it into the computer where I layered gold foil as well as the watercolor background from the previous envelope I had done a few days ago. Played around with a few leaves to make a cute little centerpiece and added the text! I’m still obsessed with gold. Hopefully when the holidays are over I’ll move on!

Thanks so much for reading, see you tomorrow!




Day 59: {Wedding} Maggie & Sawyer’s Mountain Wedding Invitation

If you’re going to fall of the no sugar wagon, do it at a chocolate chip cookie competition. #protip #worthit


It’s been a great weekend of friends, food, and running! First place cookie was the NY Times Favorite Chocolate Chip with Heath Bar. Second place was a gluten free 5 ingredient cookie and third place was the Nutella Sea Salt Chocolate Chip. They were all so good. I brought the ones on the pink plate, Rice Krispie Chocolate Chip Cookies with added Reese’s peanut butter chips. They are my husband’s favorite!

Post run and cookie judging with my favorite running ladies!

Last night Team K hosted a Leadville Celebration party at their house. We had so much fun and it was great to hear people’s stories from the race. Everyone there was a pacer or crew member or runner! As always, Ninja and I spent the majority of the night arguing about who is faster, who has done more epic things, and dreaming about what our next adventure will be.

leadville 100 buckles run trails hope pass
Maggie and Sawyer

I’ve always wanted to do a full calligraphy wedding invitation! I’m really happy with how this turned out! I’m going to go back and change the Save the Date and RSVP to be only calligraphy too.

I hope you had a great weekend! See you tomorrow!


wedding invitation colorado mountains buena vista overlook